Acrylic on Canvas - 42"x 60"


Acrylic on Canvas - 42"x 60"


Acrylic on Canvas
42x60 inches
Artist: Tejinder Kanda

Tejinder (Teji) Kanda’s art reflects fluted use of the palette knife. And this transition from shadows to reflection creates an unbound liquidity in his painting form. The form of “full color seeing” is well maintained throughout Teji's work and infers his inclination towards pigments and its application, which poses a prior place in his works. Using different techniques of expressions, his art form represents a contemporary art style. The juxtaposed placement of tones or patches makes the beholder to perceive the exact feel in the painting. Teji has evidently tried to represent various moods in his compositions; whether it’s foreshortening, arial or atmospheric – through rough and edgy surfaces.Teji has a B.F.A. from Chandigarh, India.

$ 3,700.00 USD