Acrylic and Foil Leaf - 24"x 24"


Acrylic and Foil Leaf - 24"x 24"


Acrylic and foil leaf
24x24 inches
Artist: Bin Qullander

Tahir bin Qullander is the son of a Qalandar, known as bin Qullander among art lovers, Tahir brought in his works an amalgamation of centuries-old oriental art of Islamic calligraphy and the art of painting. Qullander’s work is a landmark in the genre of calligraphy and art in Pakistan. The work depicts an aesthetic blend of traditional and modern thoughts. His rhythmic and logical works make a clear picture of design, color sensibility and flow of line. They are musicals on the beat of the dervish. Qullander, a designer by profession and painter by temperament, created this atmosphere with Iranian Khat-i-Shikasta and Khat-i-Diwani. Each canvas presents a scene of orchestra where every instrument plays its own role creating a symphony, which touches the heart and soul of the viewer. There is nothing superfluous, nor does it lack in anything.

$ 950.00 USD