Acrylic on Canvas - 18"x 24"


Acrylic on Canvas - 18"x 24"


Acrylic on Canvas (shipping included)
18x24 inches
Artist: Khusro Subzwari

Besides the homeland groups and solos, Khusro has participated in numerous different International exhibitions in Istanbul and London and UAE. He also has exhibited and represented ‘Pakistan’ solely, in the International Art Fair in Lugano, Switzerland, in Nov 2012.

‘Khusro’s Whirling Dervishes’, the main theme, based on Mevlana Rumi’s verses, is totally an embodiment of inspiration that derives from Rumi’s poetry on Spirituality and Love.

According to Khusro his inspiration is drawn from belief in the invisible spiritual world and that there is more to life than the visible materialistic world. He says, I am highly inspired and driven by Rumi’s verses and privileged to convey these feelings to the masses to their benefit through my art. These are synonymous to my thoughts.

The background of Spiritualty was naturally developed through my father ‘ Sajid Sabzwari’. He was a renowned clairvoyant, his extra sensory perception was highly developed. People used to flock on him for this; He was a highly spiritual soul.

For me spiritual enlightenment leads you to the soulful life with extraordinarily higher energy levels,’
Khusro started romancing the theme of ‘Whirling Dervishes’ starting from his Istanbul exhibition visit, in 2011. ‘Sema’ sessions and the aura of spirituality surrounding the whirling dervishes, highly touched his sensitivity, and thus awakened and directed him in the direction.

An artistic background in the field of engineering proved to be an asset for the artist in the development of his understanding of form, composition, balance, texture and creation of the three dimensional effects in his paintings

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