A traditional desert shoe made with a genuine Buffalo hide sole and sheepskin top. Each shoe is first moistened to soften the leather, making it pliable, and then sewn together with cotton thread that has been soaked in beeswax. This creates a unique and well formed shoe that will last several years if properly cared for.
Key attributes
Form fitting - Within a few days of wear, the shoe begins to form to your feet
No Stink! - Buffalo hide is a natural anti-microbial. The natural hide protects against the bacteria that cause odor. Guaranteed for the life of the shoe. We never wear socks with our shoes and even after years of abuse they still smell like leather.
Traditional craftsmanship - Our antiquated tanneries in Turkey (over a hundred years old) are used to produce our various colors, but no two shoes are exactly the same, so expect subtle variances in color.
A note on sizing - Because this is a traditional shoe dating back hundreds of years, the fit is comfortable and designed for whole sizes. So, if you are a size 9.5 US, round up and choose the Size 10 US (Men's 43).

$ 145.00 USD