Acrylic on Canvas - 20"x 30"


Acrylic on Canvas - 20"x 30"


Acrylic on Canvas
20x30 inches
Artist: A S Rind

Rind’s work carries a strong cultural influence of his area, as his paintings are deeply influenced by the regional aesthetics, splendor, color and motifs. His canvases reverberate with the rich traditional legacy of the Rajisthani desert. In his artworks, Rind skillfully stylizes the women he paints, with strong sweeping strokes and adorns the canvases with motifs that trace ethnic patterns. The women appear long-necked, voluptuous and wide-eyed; often with puckered lips and embellished elegantly with traditional ornaments. The parrot, rose and fish often emerge, creating an aura of romance and mystery. Occasionally, Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s verses appear to enhance the romance and mystique to his paintings. Rind has specialized in super realism, tried his hand at impressionism, cubism, as well as abstract styles of painting. He has also worked on calligraphic paintings and drawn world famous mosques in them, thus introducing a new typeface. The artist has held many solo exhibitions, besides participating in numerous group exhibitions. He has also been commissioned to work for international financial institutions. His work is displayed in galleries all over Pakistan..

$ 650.00 USD